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Scottsdale Drive, Robina
Gold Coast, Queensland 4226
Award Winning, Striptank Hot Water Soak Tank Systems

Striptank hot water soak tanks, in combination with our biodegradable, non-toxic & caustic-free Safestrip solution, safely removes carbon build-up as well as baked on fats and grease from your kitchen equipment and utensils with no damage to the parent material.

Striptanks increase staff productivity and effectively save time and money on labour, chemicals, and filter cleaning, all while extending the lifespan of expensive kitchen equipment.

Striptanks are arguably the best designed tanks available, and will beat any other market-related rental rates.

Contact us to discuss a free, no-obligation trial to see the fantastic results first hand.

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Striptank Australian-made Striptanks increase staff productivity, save on labour, chemicals, and filter cleaning, and extend the life of kitchen equipment

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  1. Features
  1. Australian made
  2. Manual or automated
  3. Custom sizes available
  4. National Distribution
  5. No lock-in contracts
  6. Best rates guaranteed