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Our roots go back to a small village in Vietnam called Tac Cau, where Ui & Thi Hia Trinh were born and raised – they are deeply passionate about authentic Asian foods. Our aim is simple – to look for quality and authentic Asian food products to share our love for Asian food with the Australian community.

Having more than 20 years of experience in the Australian Asian food market, we bring a wealth of experience, a repertoire of trusted brands & products, and a track record of providing quality service to our customers who range from popular franchise restaurants, traditional Vietnamese family restaurants, Asian groceries to local distributors.

Our product range covers instant noodles, instant porridge, rice paper and vermicelli. We put the time and effort to ensure our products consistently uphold our high standards.

Our aim for the future is to expand our range of quality products and to bring the authentic flavours and foods of Asian cuisine to more Australian homes.

We are currently looking at expanding our range into snack food products, coffee, dried onion, and spices - so send us an enquiry if you're after anything in particular!

We've got access to our inboxes pretty much 24/7. Our main email address is vifonaustralia@gmail.com.


Our current Brands:
BINGKO Our famous high-quality instant rice paper (bánh tráng).
The Three Lobsters Our famous high-quality instant rice paper (bánh tráng).
The Three Sisters Australian Owned, Vietnamese restaurants recognise and seek this brand for rice paper and rice vermicelli. Personally developed products in Vietnam.
VIFON Respected and Award Winning authentic Vietnamese manufacturer. VIFON produce instant products such as noodles (pho, hu tieu) and condiments.

Good to know
  1. Features
  1. We have the ability to work with our factories in South-East Asia to customise products to your needs. Ask us now! We can navigate the labyrinth of manufacturers for you, and deliver a product perfect for your business.