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The bespoke & environmentally sound option for cleansing & entertaining your guests.
A modern twist on the traditional Japanese moist towel.
econapkin is about creating an entertaining impact at the table, just as your clients sit down or in between courses, and something that will add to your already impeccable table service.
The Japanese have a ritual called Oshibori, where clients & guests are given a rolled moist hand towel. This was part of our initial inspiration, as the idea of refreshing and cleaning your hands when you sit down before eating does add another dimension to your clients experience. When combined with our purpose built table presenters, you have a simple, practical and bespoke way of really creating a very modern twist on the moist towel & a very special moment for your guests.”
Chemical free, Non toxic, Hygienic & Healthy, 100% Biodegradable, compact, convenient & unique …

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Econapkin Econapkin is an Experience, Not just a Napkin We Refresh & Impress your guests at the table.