Bite Size Group

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Gov Maquarie Drive
Chipping Norton
Sydney West, New South Wales 2170
The Story Behind Bite Size Group

Bite Size Group specialises in the manufacture of small European style coffee treats, specifically designed to accompany the taste and presentation of coffee and tea. From its inception 10 years ago, the company has won over 140 Royal Fine Food Awards plus a very rare Award of Outstanding Excellence, earning the products the title of The Perfect Coffee Accompaniment.

Their exquisite range boasts 12 delicious flavours and a variety of packaged products suitable for wholesale food service, retail sales, gifts and promotional marketing.

Bite Size are bakers with a PHD in Business. Not only do they commit to providing exciting flavours with whole fresh ingredients, but they pride themselves on understanding what matters to the customers you are trying to impress. Virtually all customers want the same things: more value; a bit of love; unbelievable taste and quality; superior customer service. In today’s competitive market, understanding what customers want is the first step to successful business operation. The second step is giving it to them…

Whether you’re looking to create a point of difference between you and your competitors, reward your clients for their loyalty with more value, or simply enhance the customer service experience within your operation, Bite Size Group offers premium products for businesses seeking to make an exceptional impression.